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"Autistic children are hyper-sensitive to stimuli and physical contact, but children who resisted touch in the past often lay their heads in my hands. My approach focuses on developing their strengths and potential, rather than magnifying their weaknesses and what they cannot do."

- Melanie B. Diamond, Director of Hands on Heads, Inc.

“At a critical stage of her development, my daughter, who is autistic, was not sleeping at all and had trouble focusing on anything. As a result of regular cranio-sacral sessions, she now sleeps through the night and makes more extended eye contact. She can also focus on tasks for longer periods of time, which means she has a better attention span both in and out of the classroom - whether she is playing games or doing speech therapy.”

- Sally Spencer, attorney

"Melanie Diamond's compassionate presence accompanied by her exquisite touch allows one to enter an asklepian realm of healing."

- Emilie Conrad, creator of Continuum

"After months of looking for an answer to my 2 year old sons' respiratory distress, we found Melanie and after a few sessions of cranial work, the issue was resolved completely. Melanie is an amzing healer....our family is really lucky to have found her."

- Shiva Hurvitz, Domestic engineer

"I think cranio-sacral work is especially helpful for babies with colic and respiratory problems. Even after one treatment, I've seen babies have a happier disposition, they cry less during the day and sleep one to two hours longer at night."

- Samantha Stormer, BS,Doula, Child birth educator.

"It's like magic....I feel so good !"

- Olivia, 10 year old client

Hands on Heads, Inc. is a 501c3 california nonprofit organization.
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