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Dear Friends:

Hands on Heads, Inc.(Cranio-sacral Research) was created in 1997 to make cranio-sacral therapy more accessible to children with special needs.

Over the years in private practice, I have seen the myriad benefits for people of all ages receiving cranial work on a regular basis. I enjoy labor coaching and kept noticing what a difference this work could make during and after the delivery for the mother and the child. The children were much more focused, calm, present and healthy as they developed. I began working more and more with autistic kids and found that if I allowed them time to come to me, to feel safe and not intruded upon by my presence, that I could reach them in a way that struck me deeply. Children that shunned any eye contact and resisted physical contact would gradually open their world to me. I found that they were so finely tuned, that it was as if their external environments were a continuous assault to their senses and that this work acted as a buffer for them to come forward and engage in our world. They made more eye contact, slept more deeply, initiated physical contact - often laying their heads in my hands or placing my fingertips where they needed release. Their verbal skills increased, their tantrums decreased and often ceased altogether. The kids that had not shown much emotion before began to emote.

So I became more and more impassioned with this, wanted to explore it more deeply. I found that as beneficial as this therapy is, it's not very accessible to most people, either because they are unaware of it and/or cannot afford it. Thus, I decided to create Hands on Heads,Inc. (Cranio-sacral Research) in the hopes of expanding the availability of this work and exploring it more deeply.

One of the things I also found extremely valuable: I try to work with the entire family. That is, I ask that one or both parents or guardians and any siblings to have at least one session. I found that there are common holding patterns within the family and that if the whole family has sessions, the old patterns can be broken and healthy new ones can replace them. This creates a common healing thread throughout the family and facilitates healing (and a much calmer family unit.) This allows the family to deepen their understanding of what the child receiving ongoing sessions is experiencing.

We are all born with gifts. I strive to create a nurturing, supportive rapport with the children that will allow them to feel safe being who they are in discovering their own greatest potential. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Thank you, Melanie B. Diamond
CEO Hands on Heads, Inc. (Cranio-sacral Research)

Hands on Heads, Inc. is a 501c3 california nonprofit organization.
phone: (510) 527-0747 email: hohinc@comcast.net