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Our Director
Melanie B. Diamond, the director of Hands on Heads, Inc. (Cranio-sacral Research), has worked extensively with autistic children and those with ADHD since 1978. She also has extensive experience with infants with birth trauma and brain injury. She directed recreation programs with Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation for learning handicapped, autistic, and severely brain damaged children.

She has been a professional cranio-sacral therapist since 1985, having trained and taught with Jim Asher of the Colorado Cranio-Sacral Institute, with private osteopaths in France, and at the Institute of Future Health in Denmark. Over the years she has practiced and taught in France,Denmark, Brazil, Hawaii, Washington State and throughout California.

For the past 8 years she has focused on working with adults,infants ,autistic children and children with learning disabilities in her private practice in San Francisco, Ca.

Through Hands on Heads, Inc., she is making cranio-sacral therapy available to a full spectrum of developmentally disabled children.

Hands on Heads, Inc. is a 501c3 california nonprofit organization.
phone: (510) 527-0747 email: hohinc@comcast.net