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"Children remind us of what's important. They help return us to a too often lost perspective, where we stand in relation to generations before and after us."
- Marianne Williamson
Hands on Heads,Inc. (Craniosacral Research) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the availability of cranio-sacral therapy to babies and children with autism and other learning disabilities.

Cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle, non-intrusive hands-on therapy based on the principles of cranial osteopathy. When autistic children receive cranio-sacral therapy on a regular basis, tantrums and head banging decrease, sleep patterns tend to improve, and emotional response and ability to focus increase. Most significant is the overall calming effect cranio-sacral work has on autistic children and children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Unfortunately, this treatment is not widely available, and long term, regular treatment is prohibitively expensive for most families. Hands on Heads, Inc. will make this treatment available to autistic and learning disabled children in our office, at home or in the classroom on a sliding scale basis.

Hands on Heads, Inc. intends to expand the availability of cranio-sacral therapy by developing and implementing programs and classes designed to train parents, special education teachers and occupational therapists nationwide

Hands on Heads, Inc. will produce video documentaries and publish articles based on its ongoing research.

Hands on Heads, Inc. (cranio-sacral research) is a California 501(3) non-profit corporation.

Our Mission:

  1. To make craniosacral therapy available
  2. To implement ongoing programs nationwide for craniosacral therapy
  3. To provide classes and workshops for parents , occupational therapists and special ed teachers designed to deepen the understanding of the work and facilitate its effects and benefits.
  4. To produce video documentaries and publish written articles based on our research over time that can benefit the educational format.

Hands on Heads, Inc. is a 501c3 california nonprofit organization.
phone: (510) 527-0747 email: hohinc@comcast.net